On 5th May you get yourselves a copy of the debut collection from Katie (Tom) Walters, SLAMBassador champion 2014. My Body Is A Resource I Am Willing To Expend is a story of becoming: of learning what it means to care and be cared for, to love and be loved. In 2016, Katie (Tom) Walters caught fresher’s flu and never quite recovered and developed a severely disabling, incurable disease. This debut collection exposes the process of acceptance, reconfiguring their relationships and finding their place in an increasingly inaccessible world. From their bed, they rebel in a world of sprawling plants and transcendental tenderness, where righteous crip pride collides with rage, grief, and mourning.

This stunning cover has been created by Taka Owen.

My Body Is A Resource I’m Willing To Expend takes you into a surreal world that mirrors the mental discombobulation that can occur with long term illness. There is nearly scientific attention paid to symptomatic details involved in illness, but they manage to make the traumatic bloom into the poetic by it dual focus of the body’s machinations and the mind’s adaptation to survive. A truly difficult feat superbly articulated by this young writer of note.