We move into spring with a bounce in our step, and a first full collection from poet, play-write and actor Maz Hedgehog. The Body in Its Seasons releases today, a raw and experimental exploration of the body, through the eyes of Maddie, the voice discovered.

Madeleine Ekezie has done everything right: good job, a step on the housing ladder, successful friends. But she’s lost, miserable and deeply lonely. When she discovers the story of The Body – a maybe mythical, definitely magical being who feeds the hungry and soothes the hurt – Maddy blows her life up to find it. She quits her job to hunt through old zines, ignores her parents to pick through abandoned blogs, finding in each entry some truth about The Body. The Body in Its Seasons is a journal of Maddy’s obsession, compiled in footnotes, conversations and diary entries. Maz Hedgehog unpicks the fabric of the poetry collection and reweaves them into a new tapestry of the experiential and lyrical.’

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“In The Body in Its Seasons, Maz does the incredible: they compile, through a complex collage of texts, an interrogation of what it means to live in the body, to feel in the body and to ache in the body; and suggests a path towards feeling whole discovered only when these fragments are clutched together and mulled over in their disparate entirety.”

Adam Lowe – LGBT+ History Month Poet Laureate and author of ‘Precocious

Maz Hedgehog is a writer, performer and editor working in the spaces between real and unreal, poetry and theatre, self and other. Their debut chapbook, Vivat Regina, was published in 2019 and their first solo show Let Me Count the Ways was first performed at the Hope Mill Theatre in 2021. Outside the arts, Maz dabbles in knitting, baking and excessive swearing. Find them on twitter and instagram @MazHedgehog