Good Listeners, the debut pamphlet by poet Pascal Vine unfurls into spring with courage and intimacy: I know the opening hours of your wounds, / the lights are still on inside you. Pascal helps us find our way across small towns, punk basements and through adventures in twilight.

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The world has a way of getting into you; these poems document the process of prying it out. Whether that be from an ash tree’s trunk or a rabbit’s warren, or behind an abandoned shipping container on the way to work, or in a dusty noise show basement, Good Listeners leads you through the afterlife of trauma and disability. You will meet many strangers to guide you into a world where you may suddenly find yourself coping.

‘Pascal has a special gift in how he makes language feel brand new. Hispoetry burns like an early morning epiphany – the clarity of his imagery enhanced by playful line-breaks that at once surprise and comfort you while reading. In ‘one way sunlight.’, he takes us from the darkest recesses of an unsteady brain to the dusty familiarity of a home town with a breathtaking deftness. Pascal’s voice is very special. It’s a voice that knows itself so well that it’s hard to believe that this is a debut. You will want to savour this collection of poems, then go back to experience them all again and again. Rest assured you will find something beautiful, delicate and new hidden in each revisit.’

Malaika Kegode

Pascal Vine is a UK performance poet from the Somerset Levels who enjoys describing the world around him in the touchiest-feeliest ways possible. He graduated Bath Spa in Creative Writing and Religion in 2018 and has been mooching ever since. Pascal has made themselves useful behind the scenes at many slams and open mics since starting out five years ago, and has headlined poetry nights across the South West. He’s worked with punks, interpretive dancers, noise artists, radio hosts and anyone else who will let them. He is one third of the team behind Bristol Tonic Poetry Night. He has been published by Bad Betty, Three Drops, Verve and Eyeflash in various anthologies.

He is disabled, nonbinary and tired.