DL Williams is a queer deaf poet who reshapes the lines of performance poetry in their debut collection Interdimensional Traveller. it declares itself alive and versatile as we move between dimensions, of hearing and signing, of performance, and reading.

What’s it like to navigate between worlds, based in different dimensions? DL is an interdimensional traveller, moving through the 2D, audiocentric world inhabited by the peculiar hearing people while negotiating the fantastical 3D world shaped by sign language and those who wield it. DL’s poems reflect a journey that has been far from easy, negotiating misunderstandings and cultural confusion while trying to figure out their identity and where exactly they belong.

‘DL Williams is a poet who brings their words to life through every movement,every breath, every pause. In Interdimensional Traveller DL has somehow translated the way they perform their poems onto the page and it is wonderful to read. This is a book that makes the reader question their own preconceived ideas about deafness, about being queer, about being a cat person.’

Stephen Lightbown

WATCH the launch of Interdimensional Traveller, hosted by Disability Arts Online, featuring fantastic performances from Nadia Nadarajah, Raymond Antrobus and Colly Metcalfe.

DL Williams smiling in a blue hoody against a white background.

DL Williams is a deaf queer poet working with British Sign Language and English. Working with such different languages has inspired a deep interest in translation and how their work can be made accessible to signing and non-signing audiences. They have performed around the UK including at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Albert Hall, as well as in America and Brazil. Several of their poems have been published, most recently in ‘Leaving: Award Winning Poetry’ ed. By Ted Stanley (2020) and they have collaborated with other poets, appearing in the online poem video ‘The House of the Interpreters’ as part of the Crossed Lines exhibition at the Science Museum, Sep 2020. DL’s poems cover many themes, from bilingualism to identity, to their beloved cats.