The Kinsey Scale is an archaic measure of homosexuality on a scale of 0-6, thought up by Dr. Alfred Kinsey in 1948. It ranks queerness with 0 being completely heterosexual, 6 being fully homosexual, and 3 being a perfect split down the middle. But the world is ending, and modern queers are famously bad at numbers. ‘Kinsey Scale for the Emotionally Fragile Queer’ is a rewriting of the original scale, measured to fit the expansiveness of a generation of queers who have lived from apocalypse to apocalypse.

In Bibi June’s Kinsey Scale for the Emotionally Fragile Queer lives are not represented by rigid numbers, but by poetry on queer love, happiness, protest, friendships, and the ability of queers to adapt to a changing world. This beautifully crafted pamphlet is a tale of resilience and joy – a much needed narrative of queer life. Bibi is an extraordinary writer and performer, we are absolutely delighted to produce this new pamphlet!

2. ///////////////////////////////

I am aaaaaaall line break,

none of that pronoun

weakness. Catch me

if you can, I am a pause.

Untouchable. I am ////////.

Oh, ////? Yeah, I know ////.

Sometimes I’ll just be a

single / but more often

than not I am ////////////


//////////////& enough.

‘Bibi June is an astonishing poet. Their words have the power to simultaneously soothe and provoke, to nourish and haunt, to answer your questions and furnish you with further questions to ask.’

Ellen Renton

Bibi June is a poet and performance maker whose work focuses on queerness, climate justice and post-apocalyptic stories. They work as a producer on spoken word and immersive performances, and their creative work spans from poetry to games to theatre. Their writing work has been published in places such as Gutter, We Were Always Here and Ceremony. ‘Kinsey Scale’ is their fourth pamphlet. Their first pamphlet about queer joy, ‘Begin Again’, was published by Speculative Books in 2018. In 2020, their second pamphlet ‘Critique of the Criminal Justice System’ was published by Stewed Rhubarb. It was nominated for the Callum Macdonald Memorial Award in 2021. Their third pamphlet came out in 2021, titled ‘TransMask: A DIY Zine for Queers of the Apocalypse’.

Together with Ross McFarlane and Ellen Renton, they run spoken word theatre company In The Works. Their previous collaborative shows include ‘A Matter of Time’ (2017) and ‘The 900 Club’, the latter of which received 4* and 5* reviews for its debut run at the Edinburgh Fringe. In 2019, they toured their newest collaborative show ‘Make/Shift’ with Ross at theatres and spoken word events across the UK & Ireland. It was adapted into an audio drama for the Saboteur Awards Festival in early 2020. They work on award-winning queer horror podcast Folxlore.