Instructions for Outlaws is Ash Dickinson’s third official Burning Eye collection (with another book, for schools, released on our assisted self publishing service Bx3). It seems fitting to release this week, on our 10th birthday, and also the 10th anniversary of Ash’s first book.

Ash is a tireless performance poet, who has delighted audiences up and down the UK, his work retains that fun and playful reflectiveness whilst demonstrating his skill as a vibrant storyteller. Instructions for Outlaws is a visual platter of poetry, ready to be digested by its readers.

Birds emerge from nests of tables/ a fox is lured from buddleia with a fishing line/ an Amazon warehouse proves no match for the written word/ infidelity/ beard envy/ country music/ a boy grows up a bear/ an audience of crows/ gravy boats for hairdos/ ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ attend a writing workshop/ while criminals are set free/ elephants born without ivory succumb to professional darts players/ and a man falls through the moon. All this and more/ will astound and provoke thought/ amuse and transport/ in this, Ash Dickinson’s third main collection/ ‘Instructions For Outlaws’.

Join us for the launch of INSTRUCTIONS FOR OUTLAWS tomorrow night!

“Impressive wordplay” – The Times

“Clever and funny” – The Scotsman

Ash Dickinson has been full-time as a poet since 2008. He is a multiple slam champion, including Edinburgh, Cheltenham, the Museum of Scotland and BBC Radio. He has performed in Australia, Canada, USA, Spain, Jordan, the Czech Republic and Germany, and headlined countless shows and festivals throughout the UK. Ash is in great demand to run writing workshops in schools, galleries, museums, prisons and with writing groups. His debut collection, ‘Slinky Espadrilles’ was the very first title published by Burning Eye Books. His second major collection, Strange Keys’, also released by Burning Eye, came out in 2016. A collection for younger years, ‘Show Cats In Transit’, came out in 2019.