Harry Baker first dominated Burning Eye’s best seller titles back in 2014 with his debut collection The Sunshine Kid. Now he’s back with the much anticipated Unashamed!

This incredible new book follows the World Slam Champion after graduating with a maths degree unsure if this poetry thing was even possible. Then he became one of the nation’s favourite poets, having his work viewed by millions all over the globe.

A collection of poems taken from Harry’s live performances that have captivated audiences and sold out shows across the country, combined with brand new work written at a time when that was no longer possible. From the joyful creativity of German compound words to having his prime number poetry shared on TED.com, it took Harry far too long to realise that maths has been as much a part of his work as the poetry he used to use to distract himself from it. Both are about figuring out the world around us, finding wonder in your surroundings, and searching for connection wherever you can.

Themes include school bullying and climate change, a healthy obsession with falafels and a 10,000th birthday. Harry’s love of language and logic has got him through literal marathons, a cancer diagnosis and potentially ruined his wife’s chances of a job in an ice cream shop. Unashamed is a book of heart, humour and hope. It shows what happens when you’re truly able to celebrate all the parts of yourself. What started out as a way to entertain friends, became a lens through which to see the world (and celebrate numbers, words and life itself!) It is the most heartfelt, playful, unashamedly Harry Baker-y work yet!

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See Harry at Cheltenham Lit Fest this Friday at our 10th birthday party!