We are pleased to announce the first new Burning Eye book of the year. Supervillain Origin Story by Rick Dove.

Supervillain Origin Story is a mischievous, seditious, and often incendiary exploration of trauma, loss, and erasure. Drawing strength and forging defiant triumph from the myriad provocations that could spin a soul into darkness, but somehow didn’t. Dove’s sophomore poetry collection weaves the ethereal from the light falling through cracked panes, taking inspiration from both personal experiences, and the political turmoil of the pandemic era, to create a collection that unsettles as it thrills.

With his educational psychologist’s advice to “Use your words” echoing throughout diverse narrative strands, touching on queer love, reconciling abusive relationships, and demanding social justice, Dove’s Supervillain Origin Story, demonstrates effectively just how disruptive words can be.

No one was harmed in the creation of this collection…

Once voted “most likely to start the revolution” Rick is a queer and neurodivergent poet and activist from London. Born in the socialist utopia of Tooting at the end of Generation X, Rick has witnessed the effects of both increasing multiculturalism and gentrification on the capital, and as such, his work reflects on both societal and personal change and how these two cardinal forces interact as we grow.

Exploring themes of social justice, philosophy, and identity, and drawing on science fact and fiction, folklore, and mythology (with no small measure of mischief and provocation), Rick interrogates the liminal spaces that define our common humanity.

‘Rick Dove is a powerful, impressive and deeply poignant poet, this new work is vital and vivid, the language emotive and melodic, Supervillain Origin Story is an outstanding, soul-stirring and essential poetry collection for our times.’
Salena Godden

You can buy the book direct from the Burning Eye Book store