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Editing through the scenic route | PASCAL VINE

Since releasing Biceps back in March, several friends have asked for advice on putting together a first collection. Good question: how the hell do you get a manuscript to the stage where a publisher will take it? I want to... Continue Reading →

GUEST BLOG: Jonathan Kinsman ‘Witness isn’t about God, it’s about humanity’.

BLOG: The Poetry Book And Magazine Fair!

NEW TITLE! We Need to Talk by Agnes Török [GUEST BLOG]


NEW TITLE: Who Knows? by Jeremy Toombs [GUEST BLOG]

GUEST BLOG & NEW TITLE: Happiness is an Art Form by Agnes Török

GUEST BLOG: Still Searching for the Big City Beats by Glenn Carmichael and Kevin Evans

To celebrate the release of Still Searching for the Big City Beats as a second edition with Burning Eye Books, Glenn Carmichael and Kevin Evans revisit the origins of their cult novel from 70's punk to rap to poetry to fiction. ... Continue Reading →

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