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‘Boys’ – new poetry collection readings

Oh oh – gobbby poetry editor mouths off:

Burning Eye editor Clive Birnie was recently interviewed by Will Barrett from the Poetry School... >>>read more>>>

Waiting For The End Of The World To Come And Find Us

To crack open the year we call 2013, a third and final post from Rebecca Tantony, this time from Mexico: We have landed amongst dead dogs strewn on the road side and into an orchestra of beeping cars. Amongst twenty... Continue Reading →

Looking Down Was Never Enough…

As another relative newcomer to the world of performance poet Jessie Durrant is just the kind of young writer than our mission of making the page accessible is aimed at. The poems she performs here in a Soundcloud recording are... Continue Reading →

Jonny Fluffypunk – Book Launch – The Sustainable Nihilist’s Handbook Ladies and germolenes Burning Eye books and eminent philosopher, revolutionary carpenter, boatman and poet Jonny Fluffypunk have conspired to launch a  full frontal assault on the book world with a gorgeously rendered edition of his long long long awaited... Continue Reading →


The Bristol Poetry Festival runs twice a year in spring and autumn and as you may have gathered from the advancing twilight and that chill in the morning the autumn festival is upon us. Good news for Burning Eye as... Continue Reading →

Why Poetry Is Like Software

Re-posted on Weds 20th June with some corrections: This is a post at a right angle to the usual. If it sounds like a post about software stick with me, I get to the poetry. I might even make some... Continue Reading →

International Shipping Enabled

As we have had numerous requests from outside the UK, we have updated the Books To Buy Now page. There are now separate "Buy Now" options for shipping to Canada & the USA, Europe and the Rest Of The World... Continue Reading →

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