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In the Beginning Was The Word, Then a Drawing, Then More Words, Another Drawing, and So On, and So On by Dan Cockrill and Damien Weighill

Vote Vote Vote. Vote early. Vote late. Vote Often. Vote Vote Vote.

Nah not the Eurovision song contest and let's be honest - that Farage bloke has no hope. He can't sing and is rubbish all over. No No No. The SABOTEUR AWARDS The SABOTEUR AWARDS The SABOTEUR AWARDS Run by those excellent people at... Continue Reading →

This collaboration between poet Dan Cockrill and cartoonist Tony Husband showcases two creative talents working in symbiosis. Created together in close collaboration the combination of the two elements in each poem/cartoon transcend either medium to achieve something greater. The light... Continue Reading →

OUT NOW Burning Eye Book #17: Bang Said The Gun – Mud Wrestling With Words

YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN POETRY LIKE THIS BEFORE! Less than 500 days after we launched our first book here is Burning Eye Book number 17. A kick ass compendium. An anthology that trumps all anthologies. A catalogue of some of... Continue Reading →

The Most Important Poetry Book in 45 Years? #BangSaidTheGun

First there was Bang Said The Gun London, then Bang Said The Gun Manchester, soon there were Bang Said The Gun films broadcast on Channel 4 and this September comes MUD WRESTLING WITH WORDS the Bang Said The Gun book bursting at... Continue Reading →

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