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NEW TITLE: ALL DAMN DAY by Jemima Foxtrot

NEW TITLE: Badminton by Molly Naylor

PRE-ORDER: Still Searching for the Big City Beats

NEW TITLE: Broken Leg Bestseller by Saxon Pepperdine

NEW TITLE: The Eternal Intern by Guy Larsen

Make a reservation at the Time Travel Hotel…

In order to help spread the word about Clive Birnie's mad bad bonkers book of kooky sci-fi Time Travel Hotel we are allowing a time limited FREE download of the ebook editions. You have until Friday so don't hang about,... Continue Reading →

OUT NOW – Time Travel Hotel (a novel) by Clive Birnie

Our fourth foray into the world of fiction is a dystopian / sci-fi satire from Clive Birnie, Time Travel Hotel: Black McCarthy is despatched to INTERFOLD – The Time Travel Hotel Republic to track down “Eugenides”. His client, the Wolf, is... Continue Reading →

3 Novels at £3.99 for #IWD15

This coming Sunday 8th March is International Women's Day so in honour of the international women authors of Burning Eye we are going to encourage you to read their books with some timely special offers. First up: Novels at a... Continue Reading →

Call for Fiction Submissions

As you may have read / heard recently Alice Furse is now on the team here occupying the Fiction desk and as the virtual submissions tray on that invisible desk is currently empty it would seem like a cracking idea... Continue Reading →

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