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New video from ‘Sakura’ poet Myriam San Marco

Jonny Fluffypunk In The Independent

A nice mention for our man Jonny Fluffypunk in this Independent article. Interesting to note the use of the term "stand up poetry" in the mainstream media...

Jonny Fluffypunk – Book Launch – The Sustainable Nihilist’s Handbook Ladies and germolenes Burning Eye books and eminent philosopher, revolutionary carpenter, boatman and poet Jonny Fluffypunk have conspired to launch a ¬†full frontal assault on the book world with a gorgeously rendered edition of his long long long awaited... Continue Reading →

Available now: The Sustainable Nihilist’s Handbook by Jonny Fluffypunk

Hot on the heels of Sally Jenkinson's fast selling Sweat-borne Secrets comes the third Burning Eye Book, from stand up poet, Jonny Fluffypunk: The Sustainable Nihilist's Handbook. Mr Fluffypunk has dragged his art around the cabarets and poetry salons of... Continue Reading →

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