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Poejazzi Review Rhyming Thunder

  I imagine Rhyming Thunder is in the pockets of most modern poetry fiends by now. But for anyone who is not familiar with Britain’s young poets emerging on the scene, you could do worse that to read this publication from... Continue Reading →

“Rhyming Thunder… cannot be ignored… and Burning Eye are to be commended for publishing it”

There is probably some arcane publishing world rule about not responding to reviews or even acknowledging them. To do so is gauche, a school-boy error, not something one would have done at Oxford.  So what, we don't care, we come... Continue Reading →

Saboteur Awards Shortlist

Earlier this week Sabotage Reviews posted the shortlist for their annual Saboteur Awards. We at Burning Eye are surprised and honoured to be nominated in the Most Innovative Publisher Category less than one year since our first book hit the... Continue Reading →

Conversations With Grandma

A beautiful film of Raymond Antrobus's poem Conversations With Grandma which is taken from his Burning Eye book Shapes & Disfigurements of Raymond Antrobus.   Ray's book is available now for £5.99 which includes UK P&P.

My Dad’s Dad Had A Full Time Job… Number eight in the Rhyming Thunder running order is Simon Mole. He will tell you he is the poet from the pub, the rapper from the beach, the friendly guy with the big eyes with a story to tell.... Continue Reading →

How Many Graduates You Know Are Still Working In Sainsbury’s?

23 Reasons Why Rhyming Thunder Rocks #6: Rhael "Lionheart" Cape You might be surprised, having watched the video, to learn that Rhael "Lionheart" Cape is a relative newcomer to this poetry lark having only been putting his work out... Continue Reading →

Jodi Ann Bickley’s Brain Jodi Ann Bickley is the fifth poet from our big red Rhyming Thunder anthology that we would like to draw specific attention to for two reasons: 1. Because if you have not come across Jodi you are behind the... Continue Reading →

Harry Baker Performs Paper People from Proper Pop up Performance Poetry Anthology Rhyming Thunder Harry is London, UK, European and World Poetry Slam Champion, with two 5 Star Edinburgh fringe shows under his belt. He has performed internationally including in Chicago, New York, Munich, and Warsaw. Harry is currently studying for a Maths degree in term time... Continue Reading →

23 Reasons Why Rhyming Thunder Rocks #3: Amy Acre Amy Acre is one of the most accomplished poets in the book and should probably be in more books! That said you can find her work in the latest Popshot and Poetry Review and of right here on her... Continue Reading →

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