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GUEST BLOG: Ash Dickinson – From Slinky to Strange

No Substance To Rumours About Ash Dickinson And Miranda Hart

Burning Eye poet Mr Ash Dickinson caught in action in Petersfield. Here's what the reviewer from Petersfield Life had to say: Ash's poetry is sheer magic. He's an inspiring poet with a massive imagination that swings from one unpredictable world... Continue Reading →


The Bristol Poetry Festival runs twice a year in spring and autumn and as you may have gathered from the advancing twilight and that chill in the morning the autumn festival is upon us. Good news for Burning Eye as... Continue Reading →

Slinky Review From The Skinny

A 4-star review of Ash Dickinson's collection Slinky Espadrilles has been posted by The Skinny! Here is an excerpt: an extremely accessible, enjoyable collection of poetry. It’s the debut collection in print from Dickinson, but he’s been writing and performing... Continue Reading →

Why I Published Slinky Espadrilles

The simplest review for this book is that I liked it so much I started a publishing company. I have pitched my tent under a banner that says I aim to take performance poetry from the stage to the page.... Continue Reading →

Guardian Reader Review Of Slinky Espadrilles

A good reader review from The Guardian for Ash Dickinson's Slinky Espadrilles: Slinky Espadrilles: Embracing the Moment After seeing Ash many times in performance, I wondered what a text version of his poems would be like: it is not disappointing.... Continue Reading →

A Rhyming Review From Write Out Loud

An entertaining review of Ash Dickinson's SLINKY ESPADRILLES has been posted at Write Out Loud. The entire review is written in staccato rhyme much in the style of a number of Ash's poems. To quote (admittedly having given it the... Continue Reading →

The Slinky Espadrilles Tour Continues

  Following on from triumphant launch nights in both Bristol and Edinburgh, Mr Ash Dickinson hits Nottingham tonight to give his Burning Eye collection SLINKY ESPADRILLES the home town treatment. Ash will read a whole bunch of poems from the book... Continue Reading →

Feedback and Reviews

We have had some wonderful feedback on Ash Dickinson's SLINKY ESPADRILLES so far after just a few days out in the world. If you have enjoyed the book then why not help us out with a review on Amazon or... Continue Reading →

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