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GUEST BLOG: Gig. Poem. Play. by Saxon Pepperdine

PRE-ORDER: Still Searching for the Big City Beats

NEW TITLE: Broken Leg Bestseller by Saxon Pepperdine

NEW TITLE: HashTag Poetry# by Clive Birnie

OUT NOW – In Heaven The Onions Make You Laugh by Rob Auton

Ladies & Gentlemen... In Heaven The Onions Make You Laugh is the debut collection of poems, stories and illustrations from York born writer and comedian Rob Auton.  This book is the result of a person having ideas who finds the world a... Continue Reading →

Why I Published Slinky Espadrilles

The simplest review for this book is that I liked it so much I started a publishing company. I have pitched my tent under a banner that says I aim to take performance poetry from the stage to the page.... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow Is Not Just Another Day…

It is not even just another Burning Eye Book Launch Day. It is THE FIRST BURNING EYE BOOK LAUNCH DAY! Drumrolls. Cannons. Fireworks. Hoards of flag waving children. Yep. None of that but instead we will have Ash Dickinson performing... Continue Reading →

1 Week To Go…

Before the official launch of Burning Eye's debut collection, Ash Dickinson's long overdue Slinky Espadrilles. A collection... Featuring poems about the fear of poetry, the state of premiership football, an embalmed wife/coffee table hybrid, pollution of the oceans, a love-sick... Continue Reading →

Things We Like #9 – The Delinquent

Edited by Jason King and Jeremy Quinn is a thrice a year kind of affair that mixes poetry, visual poetry, flash fiction and not quote so flash but still very short fiction with a few pieces of photography and artwork thrown into each edition... Continue Reading →

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