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Reviews Are Like Buses Or Men, Or…

You wait and wait for one, or at least a good one, and then boom boom two in two days. First up, a glowing review of Mairi Campbell-Jack's This Is A Poem b/w A Violation Of Expectation from Poejazzi, in... Continue Reading →

“Heart Seeker:Heart Eater” An Exhibition by Mairi Campbell-Jack & Caroline List

Burning Eye poet Mairi Campbell-Jack and artist/illustrator Caroline List launch their collaboration "Heart Seeker:Heart Eater" this week. An image from which formed the cover of Mairi's Burning Eye collection This Is A Poem You can get more info on the... Continue Reading →

The Lightening by Mairi Campbell-Jack: Scotsman Poem Of The Week

Taken from Mairi Campbell-Jack's double pamphlet "This Is A Poem b/w A Violation Of Expectation" The Lightening was featured in The Scotsman last week. Mairi's book is referred to as: ...a frank yet poetic treatment of two shattering experiences -... Continue Reading →

Book Launch Friday 19th Oct at the SPL: Mairi Campbell-Jack’s “This Is A Poem”

This Is A Poem b/w A Violation Of Expectation by Mairi Campbell-Jack £6.99 Mairi Campbell-Jack launches her Burning Eye published debut This Is A Poem b/w A Violation Of Expectation tomorrow night at The Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh. Details... Continue Reading →

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