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In order to help spread the word about Clive Birnie's mad bad bonkers book of kooky sci-fi Time Travel Hotel we are allowing a time limited FREE download of the ebook editions. You have until Friday so don't hang about,... Continue Reading →

OUT NOW – Time Travel Hotel (a novel) by Clive Birnie

Our fourth foray into the world of fiction is a dystopian / sci-fi satire from Clive Birnie, Time Travel Hotel: Black McCarthy is despatched to INTERFOLD – The Time Travel Hotel Republic to track down “Eugenides”. His client, the Wolf, is... Continue Reading →

Drew Cox’ Stunning film based on Maskboy by James Wheale You can read a sample of Maskboy can here: And the book is of course available from The Burning Eye Book Store.

OUT NOW – Maskboy by James Wheale. This book is a Time Machine…

Here at Burning Eye we know how to round off a week. No better way than with a book. so here its is Burning Eye book number TEN. Yes ten, and it is a beauty and it goes by the... Continue Reading →

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