SUBMISSIONS CALL for 2015: Poetry from Performers

What do we want:

Proposals from Performance Poets / Spoken Word Poets ONLY. We get many submissions from poets whose work may well have merit, may well have been published by fine journals like the Rialto and Poetry London, but has never been performed. We turn them all down. We ONLY work with performers. This is our niche. BUT if you are of the performer persuasion feel free to send in a proposal. Tell us who you are, what you do, how long you have been doing it and what your plans are for the future. In brief. 1 page of A4 equivalent MAX. All in the body of the email. No attachments at this stage. Plus 5 poems. Your big hitters. Your greatest hits. The ones people ask for. Also in the body of the email. 

If you have any doubt about what we publish then don’t submit. There are 25 Burning Eye books out there in the world to guide you. Buy some, read some, digest, think and ask yourself. Will I stand out in this crowd? Will I add something new to the party? That is what tends to get us whooping and punching the air. If you are digging holes we have already dug then we are less likely to say yay. We get bored easily. Our feet itch and our eyes wander. We like new. We like gutsy. We like oddball fringe dwelling weirdos. We like funny. We like experimental. We like young and we like old. The age gap between out youngest and oldest poets published to date is around 40 years. But if you are seriously thinking about submitting to Burning Eye you know this already right? 

Deadline: 1st June 2014. We will then respond by 30th June 2014 telling you whether you have been successful in passing to the next stage.

The Next Stage:

If we like the proposal we will request a full, finished manuscript. The deadline for us to receive this by will be 1st September 2014. We have slots for a maximum of 10 poetry collections to be published during 2015. We will notify the successful poets by 30th September 2014.

Email submissions at burningeye dot co dot uk

SUBMISSIONS CALL: Majestic Weirdo Circus

That Huff Post nonsense yesterday and some of the great American poetry I have been reading this week by the likes of Sam Pink and Ana Carrete has inspired me. So NEXT YEAR (Yes I do mean 2015!) Burning Eye would like to put out a monster compendium of the best Alternative Poetry. By this I mean NOT mainstream. I want off beam kook-meisters, I want the funniest stand up poets, I want punk ass spoken word wizardry, I want ranting and raving and in your face magic. If you think it might win the national poetry contest I damn well don’t want it. If it is about a fecking chaffinch I damn well don’t want it. If it is about nothing because you have nothing to say but like doodling 15 line poems for like a 150 pages I damn well don’t want it. I want it to be an off beam, west of centre, majestic weirdo circus. If this makes sense to you and you would like to submit you must do so by midnight 31st October 2014. Email ONLY with the words “Majestic Weirdo Circus” in the title box to submissions AT burning eye dot co dot uk. Spread the word people, spread the word around the world. Let’s all run away and join the circus.


NOTE: This is a submissions call for an anthology of alternative poetry it is not a general submissions call and we remain closed at present to ALL other submissions. Sorry. Keep checking in here on Twitter and Facebook and when the window opens the window opens.

Lucy English “The hippy chick love mother sex goddess”

Bristol is the best City on the planet to live in according to a new poll of everyone everywhere. As if you didn’t already know it huh?

Lucy English is the undisputed love mother sex goddess of the Bristol poetry scene. As if you didn’t know that as well eh? But just to mess with your mind here is a fine video of Lucy in Canada…

9781909136274Prayer to Imperfection – Poems 1996-2014 is out now from Burning Eye. You can buy it from the Burning Eye book store or from any other fine bookseller of your preference.

ISBN 9781909136274 192 pages £12.00

New from Burning Eye: Prayer to Imperfection – Poems 1996-2014 by Lucy English



When Burning Eye was forged near on two years ago it was with the express mission to publish poets like Lucy English. To anyone within the world of what is known as performancespokenwordpoetry (or any variation on that theme) Lucy is an A list rock star. A poet of undisputed talent who has performed around the world. A poet who is so accepted as an authority on her art that she is employed at Bath University to pass the wisdom on to new generations. So, a poet who you would expect to have a number of published collections behind her, yes? No. Search your average online book selling behemoth for Lucy English and you will find her novels but not her poetry. This is in part because writers like Lucy English write with the next festival appearance, the next show, the next tour with  long time collaborator Glenn Carmichael in mind rather than an eye on getting next 47-84 pages of poetry concept album out in time to be eligible for TSForwardGeorgeEliotFaberetc prize in any given year. The other reason is that in the difficult word of poetry publishing Performance Poetry / Spoken Word has tended to be under represented. Hence a fertile field has been left clear for Burning Eye to plough and Prayer to Imperfection is quite remarkably the first book of Lucy English’s poetry to make it into print.

Clad gloriously in one of Bristol painter Emily Ketteringham’s paintings Prayer to Imperfection gathers 200 pages of Lucy English’s poetry accumulated over a near 20 year career.   Throughout Lucy is direct, unafraid of a colloquial turn of phrase, tough, funny, rude and tender. She shows a dexterity with language to match any of her page-minded contemporaries and yet always remains accessible. Prayer to Imperfection is vibrant and packed with sensuality, sensitivity and humour. Lucy has a distinctive ability to root a poem a place and explore our relationship with the places where we live and love, succeed and fail. Many are rooted in the urban landscape of Bristol. Others in the places we go to when we need to escape from ourselves. In addition, throughout the collection are poems that explore what it is to be a woman in the 21st Century.

Among the more recent pieces in the collection there is a sequence of poems about living in Sri Lanka as a child and what are (for this editor at least) the stand out poems in this book, poems about Lucy’s mother and sister Katy – poems that have an emotional punch to move even the icy hearted.

Prayer to Imperfection is available now from the Burning Eye bookstore for £12.00 including UK P&P. 

ISBN 9781909136274 192 pages.