OUT NOW: Applied Mathematics by Dan Simpson

9781909136373Maths, science, retro arcade games, and what it feels like to be stood up in a restaurant by an entire poetry society. Dan Simpson considers them all and more in his first collection.

Unlike many a debut poet, Dan has given this collection a thorough stress test on the live circuit, and many of these poems have been commissioned for public projects. Dan is a poet who likes to play around with form. He likes to deconstruct and get a bit meta with the mental algorithms that sit beneath a poem.

The result is an accessible and enjoyable collection of poems for geeks, nerds, and anyone who likes playing with words.

“Quantum poetry at its most precise and powerful”
Joelle Taylor

“Dan Simpson is brilliantly funny and super smart. He’s the kind of guy you take home to your mother. If your mum is really into excellent poetry.”
Anna Freeman

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OUT NOW: Fishing in the Aftermath – Poems 1994-2014 by Salena Godden

How often is it that a poet with the name recognition factor and critical standing of Salena Godden publishes their first collection 20 years into their career? Perhaps it is simply that no publisher has had the courage to commit themselves to the task of reflecting the force of nature that is Salena Godden to the page… until Burning Eye came along!

Be clear, Fishing in the Aftermath is more that a sweeping up exercise, more than a greatest hits retrospective, more than a gathering up of old work. Salena takes us on a hair-raising ride through the process of a writer, the highs, the lows, the drinks, the lovers, the fights, the sex (especially the sex) that she has embraced like a method actor in search of a character, and shared with audiences over twenty years. Like a 21st Century female Bukowski Godden delivers her message straight and full strength. Not for the weak-kneed or faint-hearted, Salena is a hurricane of personality and energy, and the full force of the considerable talent that has made her a hit at literary festivals the world over is delivered here in all its frank glory.


9781909136366Salena Godden is one of Britain’s foremost spoken word artists. A regular performer at literary festivals in the UK and around the world in a career than is now entering its third decade. Salena tops the bill at literary events and festivals nationally and internationally. She can be heard on the BBC as a guest on Woman’s Hour, Click, From Fact To Fiction, The Verb and as a resident poet on R4’s Saturday Live. She currently works alongside award-winning radio producer Rebecca Maxted with their most recent production Try A Little Tenderness – The Lost Legacy of Little Miss Cornshucks aired on BBC R4 in May 2014. This follows the success of their last collaboration Stir it Up! –50 Years of Writing Jamaica also for BBC R4.

Fishing In The Aftermath – Poems 1994-2014 marks twenty years of poetry and performance and the majority of the work included here is previously unpublished in book form.

ISBN 9781909136366 170pages


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NYPD & THe Model


Poetry Collections submissions call update

As the response to our call for poetry collection submissions from performers was more than 3 times the size to last year it is taking longer than anticipated to look at them all. The mission is to reply by the end of this week so if you submitted we will be in touch to let you know one way or the other. Please don’t email asking for an update in the mean time because any time spent reading and reply to those emails will just make the whole process longer. Thanks all.

Reading William Burroughs in Beirut, 14th June 1994

Burning Eye editor and poet Clive Birnie remembers 1994:

I have been working with Salena Godden on her forthcoming Burning Eye Book, Fishing in the Aftermath – Poems 1994-2014 since the beginning of the year, although we had been talking about it since the Bang Said The Gun book launch last year. In the course of editing we have talked about 1994 a great deal. There was a World Cup Finals that summer (in the USA) although England weren’t there of course and I am not sure that it was on Salena’s radar at the time. Bukowski died that year, which is significant. I think Salena unconsciously picked up the baton as it slipped from his fingers and she took to the stage as a poet for the first time. You can feel the spirit of Buk running through her book. Feel the raw honesty and boozy energy. It is one hell of a book. You wait ’til you read it.

One of the stand out memories of 1994 for me was a trip to Beirut. I was there to shoot a washing powder ad. Yep. A long way from LA, a long way from London. A long way from home. Beirut was still a sea of rubble. The roads were cracked and broken. Bullet-hole pockmarks adorned every building down in the city. I was shown the only working  traffic light. Everywhere else it was make your own rules. One of the guys from the local film crew drove me around and took me off into the parts of town you wouldn’twander on your own, although he got a bit nervous when I took pictures of the Syrian tanks that were still in residence back then. Assad senior was still in power next door in Syria and his son, the elder brother of the current Assad has just been killed in a car crash. I had an old cassettewalkman with me and a couple of Sonic Youth tapes. I read Conrad flying out and William Burroughs’s Western Lands while in Beirut. And this is the poem I wrote in my notebook exactly 20 years ago today:


Reading William Burroughs in Beirut

Salena Godden’s Fishing in the Aftermath will be published in early July. You can read sample poems and pre-order your copy here <follow link to the Burning Eye bookstore>

Clive Birnie’s conceptual chapbook of montage poems, Cutting up the Economist is also available from the Burning Eye Book Store.