This Week: The Alpine Fellowship, Burning Books and The Fringe Finale


The Fringe has been dominating our social media posts for the past week but it is time to look at what other Burning Eye poets have been up to. Molly Case is off to read with the prestigious The Alpine … Continue reading

A Guide to the BBC Fringe Slam 2015


The Edinburgh Fringe 2015 is starting to wind down, we have had weeks of one off and recurring shows from a multitude of artists, comedians, thespians and poets across hundreds of venues. It is intense to say the least. Many of our … Continue reading

What did I learn from my two and a half days at the Edinburgh Fringe?

Originally posted on Robert Garnham:

What did I learn from my two and half days at the Edinburgh Fringe?
Unlike my friend Mark, who’s bald, Edinburgh Festival has a humdinger of a fringe. Every heat I go along and every year I’m astounded not only by the variety and the general craziness of the place, with every nook and cranny turned into a performance area, and every footpath filled with flyers, barkers, publicists, posters and people, but also by the intense hard work put in by those who have shows there.
I was in a show this week. It wasn’t my show. I was a guest in someone else’s, and that kind of meant that I didn’t have to do any flyering. The guilt I felt at not doing this seemingly simple chore was far outweighed by the relief that I didn’t have to spend all morning standing in the Royal Mile speaking to complete…

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NEW RELEASE: TRiBE! by Monkey Poet

We seem to be very hot on our new releases lately and this week’s is no exception. Introducing… TRiBE! by Monkey Poet!

Monkey Poet (or Mat Panesh as he calls himself offstage) is a veteran of the Fringe festivals and other circuits across the UK and overseas. He has been performing and producing shows for several years and now you can read them, compact nicely into this brand new collection.  Just in time for Edinburgh Fringe!

Pick up a copy of TRiBE! and browse our other titles here.

NEW RELEASE: The Edinburgh Fringe in a Nutshell by Paul Eccentric


Paul Eccentric is best known for his duo stand-up performance as the Antipoet most frequently seen at the Edinburgh Fringe and Glastonbury. This time however, Paul has gone all out to give you a quintessential guide into the maddening world of the Fringe Festival and how to survive a month on the circuit. The book features interviewed with poets such as John Hegley, Rob Auton and Tim Wells accompanied by his own experiences, poems and anecdotes. It’s the perfect guide to get you through the Fringe this year – and it’s now available from our online store!

The Sophia Walker Interviews

So, Sophia Walker is a poet of great energy, personality and a writing style that is accessible – you can hear her voice so clearly when reading through her collection Opposite The Tourbus.

It’s good then that she was a guest curator for the spoken word blog Eternal Graffiti last week and has been busy interviewing a range of poets including Kate FoxRoss Sunderland and Paula Varjack.

You can read all of Sophia’s interviews here and don’t forget to catch her updates on Facebook.

And if you want Sophia’s voice in your ear, why not  up a copy of her collection from our online store?