Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, by Alice Furse


Another fine review of Alice Furse’s debut novel….

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I was meant to be doing all the things I used to talk about and instead I was doing nothing.

Some books tap into the malaise and misery of office culture in a way so specific to their time period that they rise above the general melee. Microserfs, by Douglas Coupland, did this in 1995. Joshua Ferris’s Then We Came To the End did the same thing in 2007, right before the financial crisis. Now, post-global banking meltdown, in the era of zero-hours contracts, Alice Furse has written Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, a mildly horrifying yet spot-on satire of the current state of graduate employment.

Her narrator is an unnamed twenty-four-year-old woman who lives in a grotty flat somewhere between London and Brighton (probably in one of those Surrey or Hampshire nowhere settlements like Wokingham or Redhill), with her boyfriend, known only as the Traffic Warden. The…

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Make a reservation at the Time Travel Hotel…


Time Travel Hotel

In order to help spread the word about Clive Birnie’s mad bad bonkers book of kooky sci-fi Time Travel Hotel we are allowing a time limited FREE download of the ebook editions. You have until Friday so don’t hang about, and if you would be up for positing a review somewhere like Goodreads, Amazon etc that would be splendid.

Here is what one Goodreads reviewer said about it:

Time Travel Hotel was the wildest leisurely stroll I’ve ever been on. With a small cast of eccentric characters and a complex yet uncomplicated plot, it was a very easy read, despite being entirely bizarre and occasionally disturbing. Clive Birnie has – as his editor put it – a very ‘readable’ style of writing – not only was the story interesting, but the writing was witty and endlessly entertaining.

The downloads are HERE for kindle and HERE for epub readers (Apple, Kobo, Nook etc).

The links expire on Friday.(Whenever that may be! No no we mean THIS Friday. Whenever that was/is/soon will be – you need to read the book – Friday 17 April 2015).


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At the beginning of this year I was lucky enough to have a poem accepted for issue 3 of Boscombe Revolution, published by Hesterglock Press. I read said poem, and a few others, in Bristol, as part of the launch event, which was a fantastic evening of poetry, spoken word and fiction at the Duke of York pub in St. Werburghs.

This Saturday I am over the moon to be going back to the very same place to launch my debut poetry pamphlet, clew, which is also being published by Hesterglock Press. clew is named after the ball of thread Ariadne gave to Theseus to help him find his way out of the Labyrinth.


I’ll be performing alongside Sarer Scotthorne, who recently published her first collection, The Blood House, and Paul Hawkins, who will be launching his collection, Contumacy, published by Erbacce. Adding to this will…

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OUT NOW – Time Travel Hotel (a novel) by Clive Birnie


Time Travel Hotel

Our fourth foray into the world of fiction is a dystopian / sci-fi satire from Clive Birnie, Time Travel Hotel:

Black McCarthy is despatched to INTERFOLD – The Time Travel Hotel Republic to track down “Eugenides”. His client, the Wolf, is on his back demanding progress as INTERFOLD keeps shifting time and place, throwing up residency and immigration anomalies as it does so.

Help of a kind is on hand via the Dwarf with the Horse, the Man Who Fell Through Floors, the Girl With Nine Lives, the Nurse With The Curse, and Joylin – the INTERFOLD receptionist. But who is Eugenides? The ManWho Lived in a Vacuum Cleaner? The Man Who Dreamt He Was Dreaming? One of the other oddball residents? Is winding up naked in a sauna elevator in the Car Park at Infinity really going to help track him down?

Unfortunately for Black, his client is not the only one who wants Eugenides found, Black is possibly the worst detective money can buy and time is not only against him but ignoring all the usual rules.

Beneath the black humour, Time Travel Hotel is an exploration of identity and whether we are defined by a place of origin, residence, citizenship or by the decisions that propel us through life. It is a book about regret and missed opportunities. A book about going back – if only you could.

Available now direct from the Burning Eye Book Store  (Paperback £9.99 Ebook £4.99) or from other sellers in a town near you.

There are already a couple of reviews on Goodreads

You can read a sample here:


OUT NOW Talk You Round Till Dusk – #shortstories & #poetry from Rebecca Tantony

9781909136519Every one of us is a complex and beautifully woven fabric of stories, and whether we tell them or not, there are no measuring tapes or weighing scales to speak of their worth. Talk You Round Till Dusk is a collection of tiny stories and big ideas celebrating the wonder of the moment. It’s about those journeys in a car driving across a desert, or walking from the bedroom to the kitchen, where we discover that what we have is enough. Stories so small they fit in the palm of a hand, yet carry the weight of the world with them.

Talk You Round Till Dusk is a collaboration between spoken word artist Rebecca Tantony and illustrator Anna Higgie. In a mix of flash-non-fiction, short stories, poetry and 16 full page colour illustrations, Rebecca and Anna take us on on a philosophical road trip from Bristol to Andalucía, Nicosia, India, San Francisco, Death Valley and Mexico.

>>>£9.99 direct from the Burning Eye Book Store>>>

International Women’s Day 2015

I was talking with Liv Torc the other day about being asked recently by someone how they might improve their chances of being published by Burning Eye. My answer to this questions is always: be female. Around 75% of submissions we get are from men but our policy is a minimum 50:50 balance in authorship of Burning Eye Books over time (e.g. phasing means the %’s go up and down but our forward programme will ensure a MINIMUM 50% of books are from women writers). As I write this it is International Women’s Day and I therefore want to take this opportunity to thank Sally Jenkinson, Mairi-Campbell Jack, Anna Freeman, Lucy Lepchani, Catherine Scott, Thommie Gillow, Megan Beech, Melanie Clegg, Lucy English, Alice Furse, Salena Godden, Anna Higgie, Mab Jones, Rebecca Tantony, Vanessa Kisuule, Michelle Madsen, Amy McAllister, Joelle Taylor and Sophia Walker for agreeing to help put Burning Eye on the Map. In honour of IWD15 here is a FREE 170+ page sampler of their work. Download it, read it, enjoy it and if you really want to support the work of this formidable crowd of writers and artists maybe think about buying one of their books. Over the rest of 2015 we will add Hollie Poetry, Liv Torc, Selina Nwulu, Lydia Towsey, Jess Green, & Molly Case to the list. More on that in due course.


3 Novels at £3.99 for #IWD15

This coming Sunday 8th March is International Women’s Day so in honour of the international women authors of Burning Eye we are going to encourage you to read their books with some timely special offers. First up: Novels at a mere £3.99! http://burningeye.bigcartel.com/categ…/3-99-novels-promotion