OUT NOW Talk You Round Till Dusk – #shortstories & #poetry from Rebecca Tantony

9781909136519Every one of us is a complex and beautifully woven fabric of stories, and whether we tell them or not, there are no measuring tapes or weighing scales to speak of their worth. Talk You Round Till Dusk is a collection of tiny stories and big ideas celebrating the wonder of the moment. It’s about those journeys in a car driving across a desert, or walking from the bedroom to the kitchen, where we discover that what we have is enough. Stories so small they fit in the palm of a hand, yet carry the weight of the world with them.

Talk You Round Till Dusk is a collaboration between spoken word artist Rebecca Tantony and illustrator Anna Higgie. In a mix of flash-non-fiction, short stories, poetry and 16 full page colour illustrations, Rebecca and Anna take us on on a philosophical road trip from Bristol to Andalucía, Nicosia, India, San Francisco, Death Valley and Mexico.

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International Women’s Day 2015

I was talking with Liv Torc the other day about being asked recently by someone how they might improve their chances of being published by Burning Eye. My answer to this questions is always: be female. Around 75% of submissions we get are from men but our policy is a minimum 50:50 balance in authorship of Burning Eye Books over time (e.g. phasing means the %’s go up and down but our forward programme will ensure a MINIMUM 50% of books are from women writers). As I write this it is International Women’s Day and I therefore want to take this opportunity to thank Sally Jenkinson, Mairi-Campbell Jack, Anna Freeman, Lucy Lepchani, Catherine Scott, Thommie Gillow, Megan Beech, Melanie Clegg, Lucy English, Alice Furse, Salena Godden, Anna Higgie, Mab Jones, Rebecca Tantony, Vanessa Kisuule, Michelle Madsen, Amy McAllister, Joelle Taylor and Sophia Walker for agreeing to help put Burning Eye on the Map. In honour of IWD15 here is a FREE 170+ page sampler of their work. Download it, read it, enjoy it and if you really want to support the work of this formidable crowd of writers and artists maybe think about buying one of their books. Over the rest of 2015 we will add Hollie Poetry, Liv Torc, Selina Nwulu, Lydia Towsey, Jess Green, & Molly Case to the list. More on that in due course.


3 Novels at £3.99 for #IWD15

This coming Sunday 8th March is International Women’s Day so in honour of the international women authors of Burning Eye we are going to encourage you to read their books with some timely special offers. First up: Novels at a mere £3.99! http://burningeye.bigcartel.com/categ…/3-99-novels-promotion

I was meant to be doing all the things I used to talk about and I was doing nothing


Another excellent review of Alice Furse’s novel Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere…

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Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, by Alice Furse

It takes a particular talent to depict boredom without being boring; to show stasis without losing the reader along the way. In Everybody Knows this is Nowhere, Alice Furse brilliantly captures that awful sense that your life is happening almost independently of you, trundling along without any regard to what you might have wanted from it.

The unnamed narrator in Everybody is recently graduated, finally starting to live her independent adult life. It’s not what she’d hoped for. Her English degree isn’t in much demand; her boyfriend from university whom she loves has only managed to find work as a traffic warden; and  she spends her days watching daytime tv, eating toasted cheese sandwiches and buying second-hand books. She “had been led to believe that such a lifestyle would be romantic and bohemian, but it was neither.”


She gets a data input job at a company…

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International Women’s Day 2015

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This International Women’s Day I shall be reading Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vindication of the Rights of Woman.


With chapter titles like these,

Observations on the State of Degradation to which Woman is Reduced by Various Causes

Morality Undermined by Sexual Notions of the Importance of Good Reputation

Of the Pernicious Effects which Arise from the Unnatural Distinctions Established in Society

I’m looking forward to an interesting read, and to finding out what women were thinking and feeling about their place in society back in 1792.
The text is in the public domain, and is available to download here.

If you’d like some other ideas for Women’s Day reading, here are some books by and about women and girls, which I’ve read in the last few years and which made an impression on me:
The Duchess, by AmandaForeman
Purple Hibiscus, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

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Call for Fiction Submissions

As you may have read / heard recently Alice Furse is now on the team here occupying the Fiction desk and as the virtual submissions tray on that invisible desk is currently empty it would seem like a cracking idea to open a call.

So, dust off those manuscripts and email Alice something to read. This is what she is looking for:

Burning Eye’s love of punky performance poets and ability to find good work in unexpected places is what I think publishing is all about. I’m looking forward to reading fresh and original literary voices and helping their authors gain a platform.


I am looking for off the wall, thought-provoking fiction that has something to say about the wider world as well as a gripping story.


Novels are desirable (60k+ words) but novellas (30-40k words) would be welcome too. If you think you’ve got something we would be interested in seeing, send the first 3000 words and a brief synopsis and biography to me at fiction at burning eye dot co dot uk

Alice’s debut novel, Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, was published in October last year. A dystopian novel about underemployment, it was described as “dazzling” by The Guardian and a close contender for the Reader’s Choice First Book Award.


This City Is A Garden by Rebecca Tantony

Originally called Sometimes this poem was renamed This City Is A Garden and is included in Rebecca’s forthcoming collect of poetry and short stories Talk You Round To Dusk. The book is a collaboration with Artist and Illustrator Anna Higgie and is out in March.