It’s here! We’re so very excited about the release of Elvis McGonagall’s very excellent volume of hits, hits hits! Viva Loch Lomond! 


‘Righteous ire, directed at very deserving targets McGonagall’s verses are shot through with a moral umbrage and rhetorical power’


Viva Loch Lomond! collects the greatest hits of stand-up poet, comedian and broadcaster Elvis McGonagall in one volume for the first time. Witty, satirical but not afraid to be plain daft, Elvis McGonagall’s work takes aim at our septic isle of zero-hours contracts, food banks and cup-cakery. From Scottish independence to the “war on terror” via turbo-capitalist greed; from Blair and Bush to Dave and Boris via the death of Thatcher; from William Wallace’s taste for cheese to the Queen’s love of gangsta rap VIA BREXIT AND TRUMPERY, Elvis kicks against the injustices of austerity Britain but still finds time to wax lyrical about the joys of whisky, Greek islands and life in a godforsaken rural idyll. Viva Loch Lomond! lays bare the workings of his befuddled mind as he scribbled these poems from the dubious comfort of his revolting armchair at the Graceland Caravan Park.

Check out Elvis’s website for gigs and updates here.

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