‘Helen Sheppard is a gem of the Bristol poetry scene. Her poetry is giving, rich and powerful. Helen excels most when diving into her lived experience – producing beautifully honed observations on life, family, friendship, health and loss. She approaches poetry with humour and pathos, her work feels tender without a hint of artificiality. Helen’s work makes you love her as a writer, and fall back in love with the power of writing.’

– Malaika Kegode

Fontanelle is about ‘soft spots’, birth, women and those whose voices are often unheard. Helen has long family connections to care: aunt a midwife from 1941, her mum worked at a Transplant hospital, and her Dad passed down a quirky nature. All these influence her reasons to become a nurse and midwife. This debut collection is her ‘take’ on the complexities and joys of care, duty, burnout and friendships. Unexpected tender pockets of tragedy and humour in poetry and letters.

Helen Sheppard is a Bristol-based writer, a twin and has worked as a midwife. Her poetry explores themes of birth, life, family, friendship, health and loss, and those whose voices are often unheard. She started to write in her forties during a ‘kick start your reading’ class. Helen co-runs Satellite of Love Word events and loves the alchemy of being involved in community events with Bristol Literature Festival, Lyra Poetry Festival and she enjoys mentoring new poets.    Helen has performed at Milk Poetry, Berkeley Square Review, Mind Matters, That’s What She Said, RTB Spotlight,Torriano Meeting House, Harvard Medical School, Nuyorican Poetry Cafe, Parkside Lounge, Poetry + Health, schools parks and gardens.


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